Mixing is the creative process of turning your individually recorded tracks into a song. With my mixing package, you will receive a professional mix for each song at an easy flat rate. Each mix is done specifically to bring out the best in your recordings. The process includes:

  • Setting levels and panning so that every track sits in just the right spot
  • Careful EQ and Compression to ensure clarity, tonal balance, and punch
  • Tasteful effects including reverb, delay, saturation, and other enhancements
  • Each mix is referenced against other professional mixes to ensure that your music stacks up against the best stuff out there

What you don’t get

Please note that this package does not include editing the tuning or timing of the recorded tracks. This is a separate phase of the production process that should occur before mixing. I do not offer editing services, as I prefer to spend the time on creative enhancements that will better benefit your song.

Also, keep in mind that if your recordings sound bad, I cannot “fix it in the mix”. Please record the best parts you possibly can, and I’ll take it from there.

What about revisions?

No mix is perfect, but together, I believe we can get to a mix that we are both happy with. To do that, I work with a 3-mix revision process. After I send you the first mix, you may listen to it, and then send me your notes for revision. I will make the changes, and send you a second mix. You can then give me a second list of notes, and I will deliver the third and final mix.

What’s it gonna cost?

My rate is a flat $150/song. It can’t get much simpler than that. No hourly rates, no hidden fees. You will receive a professional mix (with up to two revisions) in full quality wave format, along with a high quality MP3.

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